How Driver ID Tags can help your business

15 April 2020

Do you know who is driving your vehicles and how they are driving? These questions should be top of mind for all business owners who have a large fleet of vehicles. It’s important from a security perspective, as well as in terms of how you manage their driving. Electronic driver ID tags are the perfect solution for both these concerns, as this technology only allows authorised drivers to operate your vehicles and provides a verifiable, secure record of who is using them.

As the world leaders in vehicle tracking and telematics, Cartrack has made it our mission to empower fleet managers and drivers, through the expert delivery of data. Part of the way we deliver this data is by providing Driver ID tags, which can be used to make your drivers and vehicles more secure, and also provide information on driving habits. From this platform, you can implement various programmes to improve on-road habits and reap some added benefits such as:  

More efficient routes

Driver ID tags allow you to track your vehicle’s whereabouts, which ensures that your drivers take the most efficient routes. They can then be more productive and complete more assignments in a day, while less fuel is wasted as you establish routes that have less traffic.

Empowered drivers

Having an identification process will place more responsibility on your drivers, as they will know that they are being carefully watched. In so doing, you will encourage your drivers to be more productive. You can also put your drivers through skills improvement courses to help them develop proper driving habits and reflexes, which could potentially save lives and money.

More efficient working hours log

Keeping track manually of a driving log can be difficult and open for human error. The Driver ID feature records the trips electronically with no human intervention, providing a much more accurate and detailed log.

Improved eco-driving training

Eco-driving is a pressing concern for most companies, and Driver ID tags help you out considerably to enforce this directive. Driver analysis can determine whose driving needs improvements that the impact on the environment is lessened.  

Let Cartrack be your ID tag provider

Cartrack’s superior technology allows us to provide you with the ultimate in Driver ID technology. Contact us today to enjoy the security and enhanced efficiency and management of fleets that we can offer.

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