What to do if your car is stolen or hijacked

5 December 2019

Once your vehicle has been fitted with a Cartrack unit, you can rest assured that you have the best tracking and telematics software available, right at your fingertips.

However, even the best tech won’t stop a determined hijacker or thief. So, in the event that your car does disappear or get hijacked, you need to contact Cartrack as soon as you realise its missing.


+263 772 278 870 | +263 712 865 195 | 086 77 000 401

We’ll dispatch a crack team of experts to track down your car and recover it. In the meantime, you should also contact the Police to report the theft to them, as well as your insurer if your vehicle or personal items are covered.

Click on the image for your wallet-sized emergency contact card. Print this out and keep it safely in your bag, cellphone case or wallet. Print it out as many times as you need and keep it in strategic places around your house, in your car or in your bag.


Things to remember

Remember to ensure you keep your personal details up to date, as well as the details of the important people we would need to call should something untoward happen to you or your car.

If you would like to know more about how Cartrack can keep you, your loved ones and your possessions safe, then contact us today.

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