One of the industries that keeps Zimbabwe on the road to economic growth is that of transport and logistics – getting our imports and exports from the places they are, to the places they need to be.

Our truck drivers spend millions of hours on the road, hauling everything from iron and steel to tea, fish, coffee, cement and so much more. With so much invested in them, it’s important that they take care of themselves while on the road.

Here’s some advice you can share with your drivers before they hit the road again.

Get enough rest

Time is money, and very often drivers are pressured to get from one place to another as quickly as possible in order to get back on the road and deliver another load. However, in the long run, this does more harm than good.

Rather let your drivers take the right amount of rest for the journey they are on. This will help them stay alert, and be able to deliver peak performance. It will ensure your trucks are kept in good condition and will only need to be serviced at the correct service intervals.

Drink water, eat properly

Being alert is a combination of many factors, including a healthy diet and getting enough fluids. Encourage your workforce to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, as well as the right amount of proteins and carbohydrates. It is also a good idea to do some exercise between driving hours, even if it is just a quick walk or jog around the rest area.

Share experiences

Allow your drivers to share their knowledge of routes, driving, climates and trucking in general and if they have a question, to not be afraid to ask it. It is impossible for everyone to know everything, but everyone can share what they know and grow a knowledge pool of expertise.

Slow down

A truck takes a lot longer to speed up, slow down and turn corners which is a fact that can often be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of getting the work done. Teach your drivers to take the right amount of time to do something and to drive the vehicle well within its tolerances, using the correct gearing ratios and braking distances.

Know where you’re going

There are many GPS assisted mapping services on the market. Ensure your drivers use these as well as a good tracking service so that they know exactly where they are and so do you. For the world leaders in vehicle tracking and fleet management, leave your details here and one of our sales agents will contact you.

Safety first

Before embarking on or continuing with their journey, your driver should inspect his or her vehicle, from couplings to tyre pressure, gauges, fuel etc. Draw up a check list for your drivers to work through for their type of vehicle. Remember though, the vehicle’s safety is not only the prerogative of the driver, you also need to ensure that it is serviced regularly, tyres are in good condition, brakes have been serviced etc.

Your client may be king, but you and your workforce is what keeps you on the road to success. If you take your drivers well-being to heart, they will take you and your business and good customer service to heart and together you can reap the rewards of success.