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Stolen Vehicle Recovery


Hardware and Installation Cost
Monthly Subscription
Rental 36 Months
 $126  $20  $24
• Intelligent call in system
• Full recovery
• Entry level product
Full recovery capability in the event of vehicle theft / hijacking.


This entry-level product is for the individual who wants their vehicle recovered in the event of a vehicle theft or hijacking.
Quick Plus
 $197  $25  $29
• Intelligent call in system
• Ignition Sensor
• Instant control room positioning
• Full recovery
• Advanced fitment technique
• Strip warning
Full recovery capability with advanced fitment techniques and the capacity to sense if the ignition is on/off.


This stolen vehicle recovery package enables you to track your vehicle/s online, and receive reports which include the display
of the vehicle’s ignition status at any time.
Fleet Executive Plus
 $336  $36  $45
• Intelligent call in system
• Ignition Sensor
• Strip Warning
• Instant control room positioning
• Advanced fitment techniques for high risk vehicles
• Internet connectivity
• Top of the range unit
• Full recovery
• Full Fleet Management Capabilities
• Ignition reports
• Tamper alerts
Top of the range recovery unit, for use in high risk vehicles.


Predominantly used in high risk vehicles, this is an elite stolen vehicle recovery product, with additional basic fleet monitoring features. An ignition sensor is included, warning of your vehicle’s ignition status, along with a unit tamper notification, notifying the Cartrack Control Room in the event that tampering with the unit is detected. Advanced installation techniques are used when installing the Executive Plus unit.
Trailer Track
$186 $20 $25
• Full recovery
• Custom designed for the transport and logistics industry
• With stolen vehicle recovery
• Intelligent call in system
• Internet connectivity
• Active power supply
Recovery unit specially designed for installation into trailers used in the transport and logistics industry.
This stolen vehicle recovery product is specially designed for installation into trailers used in the transport and logistics industry.
Specialized fitment techniques and power supply methods are used for this application. Additionally,
ad hoc positioning of a trailer can be done via the internet.

All prices include VAT and installation.

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