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Fleet Management

This system is extremely comprehensive offering:

• Movement Sensing
• Harsh Braking Alerts
• Cornering and Accelerating Alerts
• Idling Monitoring
• Speed Limit Monitoring
• Geo Fences
• Real Time Positioning via GPS
• Management Reports to Excel
• Odometer Reports per Vehicle
• Travelled Route Capturing


Hardware and Installation Cost Monthly Subscription Rental 36 Months
Fleet Management Plus – With a Specialist Stolen Vehicle Recovery
 $248  $28  $35

• Monitor overspeeding
• GPS positioning
• Route replay and Trip Comparison
• Odometer readings
• Extensive Management reports and alerts
• Geofencing
• Web based system (no special software required)
• Local and Cross Border Specialist Stolen vehicle recovery
• Routing Planning
• Access through mobile Phone App
• Driver ID

Combines the Quick Executive Plus with a GPS module to provide the best of both worlds. A robust recovery device suitable for local and cross border recovery along with a comprehensive fleet management module


comprehensive fleet management data, and reporting, via the internet. Additionally, the unique Cartrack Recovery Warrantyis included, at no extra cost.A web-based solution enabling you, the Fleet Manager, to achieve greater productivity from and for your fleet, and save on costs. This product combines all the stolen vehicle recovery standard features with a GPS module capable of managing all information required for the processing of fleet management data.The Fleet Management package provides extremely comprehensive vehicle and driver behaviour data and reporting, offering, inter alia: movement sensing, alerts on harsh braking, acceleration and cornering, excessive idling and the exceeding of set speed limits. Position your fleet accurately with the GPS positioning functionality, along with route histories on comprehensive street-level multi-layered mapping. Create geofences (user defined areas where drivers should / should not be), and have live positioning of your vehicles and alerts streamed via GPRS. Download management reports into Excel, and receive odometer reports per vehicle. Replay travelled routes to determine the efficiency of your drivers.

benefits of real-time vehicle monitoring via the internet.

This product is designed to provide the high risk taxi industry with the best possible stolen vehicle recovery service combined with all the benefits of real-time vehicle monitoring. Specialised fitment techniques and early strip-warning features are used. All the Fleet Management Plus product features are available, some of these features positively assisting in the recovery of a stolen vehicle.

Fleet Lite – Without specialist stolen vehicle recovery module
 $131  $23  $25

Same features as the Fleet Management Plus without the specialist stolen vehicle recovery module


Fleet Executive Plus
 $336  $36  $45

• Intelligent call in system
• Ignition Sensor
• Strip Warning
• Instant control room positioning
• Advanced fitment techniques for high risk vehicles
• Internet connectivity
• Top of the range unit
• Full recovery
• Full Fleet Management Capabilities
• Ignition reports
• Tamper alerts

Top of the range recovery unit, for use in high risk vehicles.


This package is perfect for the Fleet Manager who does not require stolen vehicle recovery services. With all the benefits of the Fleet Management Plus (with the exclusion of stolen vehicle recovery facilities), this product ensures that Fleet Managersachieve greater productivity from their fleets.

Fleet Management Mobile – Without Stolen Vehicle Recovery
$164 $23 n/a

• Some features as Fleet Management Plus, but no vehicle recovery

Ideal for fleet management reporting, where there is a need to transfer the unit readily between vehicles (no stolen vehicle recovery), with internet-based access.

This unit is plugged into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter and as such, is easily transferrable from one vehicle to another. Offering all the standard features of the Fleet Management Plus package, with the exception of stolen vehicle recovery, monitoring of harsh braking,
acceleration, cornering and excessive idling.

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Hardware and Installation Cost
Monthly Subscription
Rental 36 Months
Bike Track
  $131  $23  $25
• Same features as Fleet Management Lite, no positioning whilst Ignition off.
Asset Track
  $116  $20  $24
• Monitor the movements of your assets more effectively with our new Asset Track product.
• Track, manage, communicate & navigate effectively.

All prices include VAT and installation.

All fitment costs for new installations are free of charge