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Company Objectives

Cartrack Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Cartrack are the leading specialists in vehicle recovery, fleet management and vehicle tracking. Our renowned services span the globe and we are hugely successful in countries such as Africa, Europe and South East Asia.

Cartrack is proud to claim an audited 94% success rate for stolen vehicle recovery. This unparalleled recovery rate has been achieved through our dedication to developing miniature in vehicle systems/units. All of our products are installed with specialised techniques, all designed and created by our talented and highly experienced in house team.

Cartrack Telematics Solutions

Our scope has been widened to include telecommunication services as this is an incredibly powerful internet based system that has the ability to provide unbeatable benefits to the fleet management industry. Cartrack is a dedicated telecommunications specialist and our commitment to the industry is what has set us apart. With the rapidly changing and ever evolving development of convergence telecommunication technology, we have our finger on the pulse of all advancements. The telematics systems that we have developed have the ability to increase productivity of fleets and save businesses an enormous amount of unnecessary costs such as fuel and Diesel costs. With our systems you are guaranteed great value for money. Our telematics systems are also a powerful tool for insurance companies. The technology we have developed enables insurance companies to assess drivers and monitor their behaviour on the road.

Fleet Management Services

Cartrack offers diverse and highly advanced fleet management systems and packages. Our fleet management systems have been expertly designed to help achieve greater productivity of mobile fleets. Our Fleet Management systems are combined with the standard features of our stolen vehicle recovery solutions.

Our systems also include progressive GPS systems that are capable of producing data required for the management of fleets. This technology helps in assessing your fleet and making sure that your fleet meet their requirements on the road. Other benefits of our fleet management systems include speed management of fleet, fleet tracking and driver management. With our systems you are able to minimise your fleets risk and increase your productivity and ultimately your profit.

Company Objectives

Cartrack strives to maintain our position as the leading stolen vehicle recovery, insurance telematics, fleet management and vehicle tracking company. We will never become complacent and will continue to expand our technology and help in the advancement of the industry. We work to exceed our clients’ expectations and we will always provide service excellence and the most premier products on the market.